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​1.FEES FOR ESTIMATES?  No, all of our cost estimates are free.
​2. INSURANCE? We carry liability insurance and  we will furnish a certificate of insurance.
3. BRANDS OF PAINT? We primarily use PPG Sherwin Williams and  Benjamin Moore paints. They can all match any color from any other brand or sample you have.  we believe in going ahead and using a quality product. We find that high quality products  go on smoothly, dry at a speed that allows them to level nicely, and offer better than average color-retention (against fading.) 

4. "GREEN PAINTS: Are there green paints you can use?
If being environmentally friendly is important to you, ask about our no VOC and no odor paints.

5. COLOR ADVICE? What color should I paint my room?
Yes. Unlike other companies who have untrained employees coming to help you  with your color sections  We have an ON STAFF, Interior decorator that has years of schooling and experiance! We are happy to help. We have many years of painting experience, we know what works and what doesn't. A small swatch of paint can look  very different when it covers a wall or house. We can if needed , put samples right on your house!

6.COLOR FOR EXTERIOR PROJECT –  Should I use a light or dark color? We have lots of color samples we can show you of exciting, classy colors and combinations. You should also take into consideration the neighborhood you're in, and the color of the house next to yours. When painting a house a dark color, keep in mind that the dark color will attract heat, causing the color to fade much faster than a lighter color would.
7. SPRAYING OR BRUSH AND ROLL EXTERIOR PAINTING? It really depends on the situation. We paint most exterior with the "brush and roll" technice, but An airless sprayer is used at times, It just depends on your wants and needs and whats best in the long run!

8. PAINT OR STAIN:  Which is best for the exterior Painting project?
Paint is used on wood, clap board etc. while Stain is used on Cedar siding. You would not want to use paint on cedar-which is like the boards on your deck. If you use paint on deck boards or Cedar siding it more than likely will peel!

We power wash when doing exterior painting to kill mold and mildew, and to rinse off dust and dirt before we begin painting. We do not use high pressure power washing . High pressure power washing can damage wood.
10.WILL POWER WASHING KILL MY PLANTS? We use water but if we have to use more, we use a "plant friendly product so we don't runine your plants and we cover them.
A 3,000 to 4,000 square foot house will take about 4-5 days to complete, including preparation time. However, it can take longer depending on the condition of your house. During our consultation with you, we will evaluate your house and can let you know how long it will take to complete your painting project. We only work on one house at a time, so when we start your house, we will be there until your house is finished.

12. EXTERIOR PREP WORK? We have a tried and true process we use for exterior painting and interior painting. We scrape, prime, caulk, fill holes and cracks.

13.PAINTING SEASONS? We paint outside from about April through October. If day or nighttime temperatures drop below freezing, the paint will not adhere properly. The drying process for latex paint actually takes several days, even though it may feel dry at the end of the day. Stain can be applied in cooler temperatures, but we don't like to push it.

14.HOW LONG WILL EXTERIOR PAINTNG LAST? Five to seven years is typical. 

15.PRIMER? We prime all exposed bare wood. 

16.HOW SHOULD I PREPARE THE ROOM FOR INTERIOR PAINT JOB? Please remove all kickKacks and valuable, pitures, and any other items you can. Please dust/wash off walls, baseboard, doors and trim. We do not want dust to get in our paint job!
l start by first removing our shoes until we put clean drop cloths down. (We even clean our drop cloths at a laundry to provide the cleanest working environment in your home.) We move all your furniture to the center of the room and cover it with plastic. We finish painting the room at the end of the day, and then vacuum the carpet and move the furniture back. We paint about two rooms a day, so we do not disrupt your whole house all at once.

 We remove old paper, sand and size walls. It is better to remove wallpaper rather than paint over it, but it can be painted over in certain situations.

Yes, there is a special product that can be used to paint aluminum siding. If it is done right, it looks very nice, and there are many color choices. Since aluminum siding is smooth, it is very important to completely clean the siding first (removing powder and dirt.)  We use an 100% acrylic product to paint siding. It must be cleaned well first. Very dark colors should not be used, as they can attract heat that actually causes the vinyl to warp and look wavy.

19.DO YOU PAINT FLOORS? Yes, we do paint concrete basement floors and wood floors.

20. PRIMER: Yes. We use a special primer that adheres to glossy surfaces.


21.CAN YOU PAINT PORCHES? Yes, although we "paint" on the stain them. Stain is used on porches unless it was done first with Paint.

22.CAN YOUR PAINT BRICK WALLS AND FIREPLACES? Yes, we use a special masonry paint. We vacuum the brick first, and then use special brushes and rollers to get it into the cracks.

23.CAN YOU PAINT CERAMIC TILE? There are products out there that will adhere to a smooth ceramic surface. However, it is not a long-term solution, as they tend to chip with time.

24. PAINTING CABINETS:  Yes we use a durable product that will make your old cabinets look fantastic and fresh again.